Introducing mojiberry

Hello! Welcome to mojiberry! 

When Apple announced earlier this year that they would be creating a new store for stickers for use with their iMessages app, I realized that I was in a unique place as an illustrator and a designer of iPhone apps to be able to offer my artwork to iPhone users all over the world! 

A play on the shortened version of emoji and the trendy super food gojiberry, and to be honest, just a cute way of referring to my stickers, I named my little one-person company mojiberry. 

Inspired by popular concepts like "adulting", inspirational quotes and watercolor images, text speak and my love of puns and cute characters, I set to work to create a bunch of different sticker packs for people to send and receive with their friends and family. 

I wanted to create stickers that people like me, my friends, sisters, aunts and mom - and even 93 year old grandmother - would love to use! 

I think when you send a sticker instead of text, you are sending something special, a tiny greeting card of sorts, that shows that you think that person is someone you really care about. It is a creative way to show your friends and loved ones that you are thinking about them and you think they are someone special! 

Take a look at my stickers. Download them on the app store. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to learn about what's new with mojiberry. And sign up for my email updates to get new sticker updates delivered directly to your email inbox! 



Beth Gerstenfeld