iOS10 is here!

Today Apple is releasing the latest update to the iPhone and iPad OS - iOS10. 

You will have to download the new OS in order to view the new iMessages features, like stickers and the new iMessages store. So far stickers are not listed on the regular app store as a category but can be found if searched. 

In order to access the new iMessages store, download iOS10. Open a new text message. You will see three icons next to the text field for sending a text message. The icon closest to the text field is the app store and will be where you can find new stickers and stickers you have purchased. 

Tap on the icon. Then tap on the four circle icon in the bottom left corner. Then tap on the plus sign icon that says Store underneath it. (This seems like a unnecessarily long process to get to the store and I'm hoping Apple makes this a little bit easier in the future to discover new apps and stickers!) 

So far, within this store, there are two sections - Featured and Manage. Featured shows all those lucky ducks that get featured by Apple. Manage is where you can view all of your downloaded apps and sticker packs. 

You can also search for stickers. This is pretty much the only way I think people will be able to find my stickers without being featured which seems like they may be hidden forever if people don't figure out the right words to use. 

(Right now, searching my name Elizabeth Gerstenfeld, until I switch my business name on the App Store to mojiberry LLC, will show all of my sticker packs.) 

When I submitted my stickers, they asked for a sub category so I'm hoping that eventually they will add those subcategories (animals, art, emojis, etc.)  so that people can do a more directed search of stickers. I hope they also do top charts and all of the features they have on the regular app store. 

(FYI: They are doing rolling releases and some people won't be able to download the update until later today.)

Beth Gerstenfeldmojiberry