So I've Been Featured!

So I've been sending Apple my stickers for about a week now (ever since they had their big announcement last week) and was contacted this weekend about sending them artwork so that I could possibly, maybe, without guarantee, could be sorta maybe be featured... 

So I got over all my insecurities and sent them what I thought could be something suitable for the occasion.

And then the messages app store came out and I wasn't featured. 

Honestly, I now know what people mean when they say it was nice to be nominated. 

But then I went and looked at my sales tonight - about 24 hours after they launched the new store - and there was a big jump. There's no way people could have found "Fruit and Veggie Stickers" by searching for them, right?

So I went and looked at the store again - and lo and behold - I am featured - in the App Store - the APPLE app store!! Ok - so it's the messages app store but I'll take it! 

Earlier this year, Apple found an HomeKit app I did with friends of mine at the company I work at which designs and develops apps. It was an independent project of sorts but they thought the design was awesome so they invited us out to Cupertino to chat. That's all that came of that because of the company I work at didn't see the value in what we created and the project was shelved. It was a high point of my career getting to sit down with Apple designers to discus MY design! I will never forget it and it so happened to be on my birthday!! 

I'm still not sure getting featured by Apple takes over that as a high point but it sorta does because I did this one my own - but more importantly - no one can kill this project but me. 

Getting to share my artwork with people is the most important thing. If you are an artist, you get that. And you know any avenue to share your art is a great avenue to walk down. And if you aren't, but are someone who likes art (and you like art if you've ever gone to a Pixar movie, or shared a cute meme, or Pinned something adorable on Pinterest) then Thank You for supporting artists!! 

This is a weird and great day for me as an artist and hopefully a business person. Let's hope the weirdness and greatness continues! 

Beth Gerstenfeld