Stickers Can Be Shared!

So after less than 24 hours since this whole sticker thing went live, I've had my doubts. 

I spent a lot of time working on these stickers that I want to share with a lot of people but after I've tried out the new messages store I figured there'd be no easy way for anyone to find my art in the sea of Disney and Super Mario etc. until my little sister sent me my own stickers! 

Sidebar: You've gotta love your family that buys your stuff the minute it comes out. I've been in the art/app/game/illustration etc field for a long time and they always come through. For example, I will never forget last minute Christmas shopping with my mom in 1999, and my Mom telling people (strangers) in CompUSA to buy an ESPN game I worked on "My daughter worked on this - you should buy it!" (the game was crap) - this was when games came in large boxes that help CD-Roms - that's right - CD-ROMs!!! /Sidebar

Anyway, when my sister sent me a sticker I made that she bought on the app store, a link showed up for a split second that linked to the app store. And then it disappeared. BUT - if you tap and hold on the sticker it will bring up a dialog that says "From [Sticker Name]" that then links you to the app store where you can buy the sticker pack with the sticker you were just sent. Ha! Marketing! Thank you Apple! 

Just when I thought no one would ever see what I've done since I've wasn't "Featured" - Apple comes through! 

And as a last thought, since I started this the most requested stickers - from friends and family - have been for more alcohol and risqué - eh hem - related stickers... really? So maybe mojiberry might be diving into some different territories... we shall see.. 

Beth Gerstenfeld